Tuesday, August 31, 2010

T minus one week until students

One more week and our empty halls will fill up with the sound of excited students finding their classrooms. I'm very excited to meet my new classes. We managed to fix up the schedule today. It took a very long time but it seems to work now. Along with teaching Intensive French to my own class, I'm also teaching Pre-Intensive French to the grade 4 and 3/4 split classes, IF continuation to the other grade 5 and I'll also be teaching them art. It's a pretty full schedule but we've worked it out pretty well I think.

My room is coming together. The other grade 5 teacher found an amazing drawing done by a former TA to put in my classroom. It looks amazing. I've also created my reading corner and arranged my desks. I think I may have to change the formation though as my numbers will probably go up from what I've heard. This is what it looks like so far.

I still need to put up my board for my sound and word wall. I think I will buy some fabric to cover the bulletin boards for that, and I will put up a few posters and I need to finish my Schedule and Responsibilities board I started today.

Tomorrow we are in a Professional Development about 21C learning in the morning and back at school in the afternoon for more meetings and working in our classrooms.

For teachers and students, what do you like to do to get ready for the first day of school? 

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