Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bienvenue aux élèves

We've had our first two days together as a class. We've been talking a lot about expectations for our classroom and how the students feel about starting Intensive French. Many are nervous, a few are excited. We also worked on how to silent read in French when they don't have the vocabulary knowledge to read many of the books in our classroom library. We talked about the three ways to read a book, read the words, re-tell a story you already know or read the pictures. They did amazingly with this and were able to build up their silent reading stamina to 10 minutes today. I am so proud of them. The first day they made it to 6 minutes and we plan to build it up slowly, just as a runner builds up stamina to run longer distances.

We've also come up with classroom responsibilities that will change weekly, including, eventually, we will have one student in charge of updating our blog.

Tomorrow will be our first day entirely in French. They did well with the French activities that we've done so far and I feel they will do great. We will be updating from our classroom with a few phrases that we will be working on tomorrow.

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  1. Good luck with French this year! My school has a different challenge. We have students that speak Spanish, Chuukese, and several other languages as their first language. We have them in intensive English classes :)