Thursday, September 15, 2011

OT: Please Vote

School is coming along. Each day I'm getting to know my students better and we are coming to an understanding of our expectations and how to show respect to each other. It's slow going at times but I have so much support from the other teachers and principal and vice principal. They are awesome. I'll write more about this continuing journey another day.

But tonight I have a different story. My husband is in a band called the Jaclyn Reinhart Band. They are an amazing group of musicians who work so hard an practice in our basement once a week. I have seen them grow and develop as a group and I love all of them. My husband plays bass guitar for the band. They're an amazing group of people that are almost like another family. 

Every Fall there's a music festival, the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in Fredericton. It's a pretty big deal for us. Fredericton is relatively small but once a year we attract people from all over the world to play music here. It is an amazing time. They have a competition called the Galaxie Rising Star competition, taking bands from New Brunswick to compete. There are three main parts to the competition, the on-line voting, going on now, the showcase show tomorrow (3-6pm in the Barracks Tent for anyone in the Fredericton area) where there will be 
judges as well as text voting at the show.

Even if you live far away, if you could spare a minute to vote, I would be very happy. All you need to do is go to this address sign-up with an e-mail address (they don't need your name or anything, just your e-mail address to confirm you're only voting once per address) and then vote. Jaclyn Reinhart Band is the only band in the competition with women in it, and they're amazing musicians. 

If you'd like to check out their music first, my youtube channel is where I post the videos I take of some of their shows. 

This one is one of my new favourites,

Please vote. Voting is done at 12PM Atlantic time.